Investment Opportunities

Center for Comparative Medicine Building

The interdisciplinary partnership between the Schools of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine that is embodied in the physical structure and programs of the CIID exists nowhere else in the world. The University of California, Davis and its Schools of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine have invested heavily in the concept of “One Medicine,” with construction of the CIID research building, and contribution of faculty positions to its membership. This momentum is being assisted by contributions from the private sector, including:

  • The Lucille P. Markey Charitable Trust has contributed over $1.5 million for shared instrumentation, staffing and recruitment costs to launch the CIID.
  • Murray B. Gardner, M.D. sponsored CIID seminar series.
  • The Deterding estate sponsored research in Dr. Peter A. Barry's laboratory.
  • Murray B. Gardner, M.D. sponsored the Junior Faculty Fellowship fund.
  • Various donors sponsored the Thomas W. North Graduate Student Fellowship fund.

CIID faculty members maintain a high level of competitive funding from national agencies to support their research programs. However, these sources of funding have limited impact upon the fundamental needs of the CIID to acquire and maintain shared instrumentation, microscopes, professional student research stipends, graduate student training stipends, postdoctoral stipends, pilot research funding, and administrative staff.

The concept of “One Medicine” that is fostered by the CIID offers the opportunity for benefactors to get “double bang for their buck,” with each dollar invested resulting in research advances for the common benefit of humans and animals. If you are interested in supporting this unique enterprise, please contact Stephen J. McSorley, Ph.D., or Christine Herkenrath.