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Dylan Dekalb Receives Oustanding Senior Award, 2019

Dylan Dekalb earns Oustanding Senior Award, 2019

Each year a graduating senior is given the award, and this year our very own Dylan Dekalb won for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.  Dylan is currently working in the laboratory of Dr. Jay V. Solnick and will begin transitioning to a Junior Specialist in the Laboratory of Dr. Stephen J. McSorley.

Congratulations Dylan, very well deserved!

Article: "$9M project aims to ‘PREEMPT’ zoonotic spillover threat"

Defense agency calls on UC Davis and partners to improve medical preparedness, bolster the fight against emerging infectious disease and preserve the health of U.S. troops and communities around the world by containing high-risk zoonotic pathogens at their animal source.  For more information click here.

Dr. Robert D. Cardiff receives the UC Davis Emeriti Association's 2018 Distinguished Emeritus Award

World-renowned pathologist Dr. Robert Cardiff, a specialist in the diagnosis of breast and mammary cancer in both human and animal models, has been selected to receive the UC Davis Emeriti Association’s 2018 UC Davis Distinguished Emeritus Award.

His distinguished career, based almost exclusively at UC Davis, has led to significant and meaningful effects on the lives of countless women, physicians and scientists around the world.

Awarded Project: "How did a vaccine enhance HIV acquisition "

How did a vaccine enhance HIV acquisition

Dr. Christopher J. Miller was awarded a five year grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, NIH.  In the STEP trial of an Ad5 vectored HIV vaccine, more people receiving the vaccine than the placebo became HIV-infected. The proposed studies will determine how this occurred. We will use a monkey model of AIDS for these studies where increased virus acquisition in animals getting the same vaccine has been shown.