CCM Building in Winter

A Joint Partnership between the Schools of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine

The Center for Immunology and Infectious Diseases (CIID), formerly the Center for Comparative Medicine (CCM), was established due to the efforts of several UC Davis faculty and Deans within the School of Medicine (SOM) and School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM). The planning and implementation process took several years to reach fruition with the opening of the CIID building in 1998. Murray Gardner, Niels Pedersen, and Paul Luciw, among many other faculty, formulated the original vision that was supported by Deans Rhode and Williams, carried forward by Deans Murphy and Lazarus during the construction phase, and ultimately sustained by Deans Silva and Osburn. From the beginning, CIID has been a unique partnership to promote excellence in research and education focused on animal models of human disease.

“The Center for Comparative Medicine is a cooperative program between the School of Medicine and the School of Veterinary Medicine to establish a multidisciplinary research effort to study comparative biological models that might elucidate the mechanisms, prevention and/or treatment of chronic human diseases.”

In 2018, CIID faculty and staff celebrated our 20th anniversary, recognizing the continuing partnership between the SVM and SOM that serves as our foundation. The core faculty at CIID are still engaged in NIH-funded research programs that focus around animal models of human disease and have an academic home within different departments of the SVM or SOM. The research programs hosted at CIID have a common emphasis on the host response and pathogenesis of infectious disease. In addition to the many connections between CIID laboratories, CIID faculty members also collaborate extensively with research programs across campus. The CIID continues to evolve as a thriving multidisciplinary research effort and is a true manifestation of the "One Medicine-One Health" concept in its very best sense.